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Down The Rabbit Hole  Holly Madison pdf

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 Each alarming, never ever-right before-assured facts of some of the weird planet indoors some of the renowned Playboy Mansion—and also, finally, the key honest truth in regards to the dude exactly who bears the actual important thing—from one of the few those who truly knows: Hef’s previous #1 sweetheart as well as leading of Each Girls across the street
A wild choice at just young age something like 20-any changed small-city Oregon girl Holly Sue Cullen into Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner’s #1 sweetheart. However like Alice’s journey into Wonderland, as soon as Holly plunged along the rabbit ditch, just what appeared like a fairytale your life inside of some of the Playboy Mansion—including The-listing star celebrations and the lady own #1-rated television display regarding 4 years—fast devolved in a powerful oppressive schedule of tight regulations, manipulation, as well as battles using the focused, backstabbing bunnies. Life inside each notorious house wasn’t an aspiration whatever—and swiftly became the pain. As a result of burning the girl character, her feel of self-really, and the lady hope for future years, Holly receive herself sitting solo wearing a bathtub thinking about self-destruction.
However instead of ending the life, Holly chose to take hold of it.
Along with this shockingly candid as well as unexpectedly moving memoir, this particular considerate as well as introspective lady opens up regarding your life inside of each Mansion, the drugs, some of the sex, some of the misuse, each infamous parties, and their authentic in back of-the-action life using the Bridget, Kendra, as well as, of course, Mr. Playboy himself.
Along with great daring, Holly offers the facts of the girl following hopeless union, landing her very own effective tvs series, and also the work of curing, including their start dance with the hollywood film stars. A cautionary tale as well as a event of personal empowerment, along the bunny Hole reminds you of the significance of preventing for the dreams—and locating each life we are entitled to.

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Down The Rabbit Hole  Holly Madison pdf
Print screen of the book

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